Friday, April 29

Someone had once told him that drugs were only shortcuts to transitory states of mind one occasionally experiences naturally. True or not, he certainly didn’t feel normal at this point.

Something half-remembered was putting him in a good mood, but he couldn’t manage to make it break the surface. Come to think of it, he liked the fact that he couldn’t remember. There was something attractive about being happy for no reason. Mindless, but attractive. Like her.

Monday, April 18

I used to love you, once. I think it ebbed away inbetween text messages and the occasional unrequited easter egg.

The phone starts squirming across its formica table, straining for the edge, but that rush of anticipation I used to get has gone. There's nothing, except a thousand half-glimpsed what-if's circling around. They'll fade away too, eventually.

Now all I have to do is unremember.

Monday, April 4

It was happening again, just like all the other times. Fearing the same outcome as before, I fought it, but eventually I realised it was useless. Besides, how can you unthink something? Better to snatch at the fleeting pleasure and try to unremember the impending calamity oozing closer in the distance.

Jusqu'ici tout va bien...
Jusqu'ici tout va bien...

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